An Investigation of Real Estate Agent Service to Home Sellers: Relevant Factors and Attributions


Abstract: This study examines real estate agent service from a frequently neglected perspective that of the home seller. Using qualitative data from 32 depth interviews in the U.S., we identify seven factors that are important to home sellers in evaluating real estate agent service: communication, effort, advertising, guidance, professionalism, representation, and results, with communication and results being the most important, and communication faring the worst (related to home seller expectations). In addition, we employ content analysis to investigate attributions made by home sellers in evaluating the process and outcome aspects of the service received from their agent. We find that process factors (whether positive or negative) are attributed to the agent. In contrast, attributions for outcome are more complex, exhibiting a chronological interaction effect, tied to process evaluations.


First Author:   Pratibha A. Dabholkar  



Source: The Service Industries Journal, 2006, 26 (5), 1-23 (lead article).


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