The Role of Customer Contact Employees as External Customers: A Conceptual Framework for Marketing Strategy and Future Research

Abstract: Existing streams of literature in marketing, management, and organizational behavior are integrated to propose a conceptual framework that highlights the customer contact employee’s dual role as employee and external customer of the organization. Several iterative “cycles of success” are proposed whereby job satisfaction, the employee’s patronage of the company’s products (i.e., goods or services), and job performance (as customer contact employees) are all enhanced, ultimately leading to long-term relationships (with customers and employees) and profits for the organization. The framework highlights the role of internal marketing as a tool for enhancing the competitive advantage gained by strategically considering the customer contact employee’s role as external customer.    

First Author:   Pratibha A. Dabholkar  



Source: Journal of Business Research, 2008, 61 (9), 959-967.

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