“Understanding Consumer Motivation and Behavior Related to Self-Scanning in Retailing: Implications for Strategy and Research on Technology-Based Self-Service”


Abstract: Self-scanning technology is being tested by major supermarket chains as well as other types of retailers across the world, but the success of the new technology from the consumer’s perspective is not yet clear. This study investigates consumer reasons for both using and avoiding self-scanning checkouts with a view to addressing these practitioner issues. In addition, the study advances theory on consumer motivation and behavior related to technology-based self-service in general. Factors driving preference or avoidance of self-scanning checkouts include attributes of self-scanners, consumer differences, and situational influences. Reasons for preference of other types of technology-based self-service over traditional service alternatives  are also explored to determine motivational and behavioral patterns across service contexts. A combination of research methods is used to investigate these issues and offers richer findings than any one method used alone. Implications are discussed for managerial strategy as well as for future research.


First Author:   Pratibha A. Dabholkar  

(Email: pratibha@love-and-learning.info)


Source: International Journal of Service Industry Management, 2003, Volume 14, Issue 1, 59-95.

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