“A Contingency Framework for Predicting Causality between Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality”


Abstract: There is extensive literature on customer satisfaction and service quality, but little investigation of the causal sequence between these two constructs. Past models of this sequence are based on unique conceptualizations of the constructs with little agreement on the issue. A contingency framework is presented wherein different causal sequences between customer satisfaction and service quality occur under different service situations. By examining the determinants of causality between satisfaction and quality, the framework enhances our understanding of the customer evaluation process. Furthermore, the different contingency-related sequences discussed in the framework are predicted to have varying effects on future customer behavior, thus being of critical interest to practitioners. An agenda for future research on causality between satisfaction and quality and its impact on customer behavior is outlined. Strategic implications for service design and employee training are suggested.


Sole Author:   Pratibha A. Dabholkar  

(Email: pratibha@love-and-learning.info)


Source: Advances in Consumer Research, 1995, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, Volume 22, 101-108.

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